Monday, May 25, 2015

1 John 4:4

This is one that I took full inspiration from another. I still did it free hand but I just loved the way it looks. I love the message, the different fonts used, and the globe -just love that part. I added the touch of red for the heart. :-)
Don't be afraid to copy what you like. Sometimes in the crafting world, folks get upset about CASEing (copy and share everything) but not me. As long as one isn't trying to win a contest or something like that with the copied art it is the BEST way to learn to do what you love. Great works of art are often copied by students in an effort to learn more about their art and grow skills. That is exactly why I encourage CASEing. 
Additionally, when I am creating something I love, I retain it far better than something that I am not loving. 
As always, my process was a pencil sketch, outline with pigma micron 005, color with colored pencils.

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