Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bible (Art) Journaling | when you don't feel like an artist

Something I have been hearing a lot lately is, "I can't do this. I am not an artist."
To which I want to say...
Do you sing praise and worship in church?
followed by...
Are you a professional singer?

Are you a witness to Christ's love for us?
followed by...
Are you a pastor by profession?

As of this writing, I have never had someone say yes to the follow-up answer.

I am not the best singer, but I LOVE to sing praise and worship.
I am not a professional teacher nor am I in ministry as a profession, but I try to share the love of Jesus whenever He opens that door.

Bible art journaling is the same thing, my friends!

If you view this as a joyful expression of your love for God's word and not a comparison for the art you see on pinterest, you will fall in love with this -the process and the end result.

It is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to create something somebody has done and finding we can't quite do it the same way and then feel discouraged.

God created you, the way you are for HIS purpose. 

Create verses that have meaning for you - use this as an expression of your love for Him -and find great joy in the process.

One thing I add at the each of each lesson (hand out or in-person) is:

"Lastly, remember this Bible of yours has 1066 pages. You will have a wonderful opportunity to fill it up over time. Not every verse you do will be your favorite, but you will love them all because they are the word of God! Beautiful verses filled with everything we need to live a life full of joy!"

Be encouraged today!

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