Wednesday, June 17, 2015

John 17:17

I was sitting in Sunday school this past Sunday, and this verse came up in our study. I love it when a verse hits me like a brick wall.
I quickly sketched this one out. I added the ink and colored it on Monday. I used a sponge and ink to create the sun and rays. 

I was listening to the radio while on a long drive and found myself listening to a woman talk about coveting. I didn't catch who she was or the title of her book but she went on to talk about the importance of the ten commandments. Not as a finger wagging don't do this sort of thing but that they were given for our happiness and joy. Coveting is the enemy of contentment. She talked of an article she read where the author coined the phrase Obsessive Comparison Disorder (See Article HERE). The phrase is in response to the cultural shift in obsessive social media and the shift from interpersonal relationships to how many likes and "friends" one has. Social media gives more people a look into our homes, and triumphs, than ever before. It also can lead to a trap of not feeling as though we measure up. Comparison.
The fact is there will always be somebody who is (insert your thing here) than we are.
To find contentment, we must count our blessings.
After searching for an hour, I finally found the woman and the broadcast I was listening to..
Kay Wills Wyma  The Danger of Comparison

Okay, speech over. :-) 

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