Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Psalm 23

My cup overflows
The 23 psalm
comes down to my cup overflows (for me)
when I am spending time with the Lord
there is an outpouring of love even in difficulties
and my cup overflows

I have a small stamp that has a tea cup. Years ago I made a card that had stacked tea cups (without the overflowing bit) and it was the perfect image for this one bit of psalm. 

I sketched this directly on the page and outlined with 005 pigma micron pen. I colored with crayola colored pencils.


  1. Where would I find a place to purchase a stamp like this. I make cards to send out as a ministry and this would be perfect for some of them.

    1. Cathy, I am in the process of turning this into a stamp set. The set should be ready in a few months.

  2. Hi....Are you almost ready to release your cup over flows stamp? I can hardly want it....

    1. Texie, I am in the process of three new sets this being one of them. I am a one woman operation so it doesn't always go as quickly as I would like. But yes, it is in the works!