Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Colossians 1:15-16

Hello fellow Bible Art Journalers!
I have been a little under the weather these past few days so I had a lapse in posting.
This is a page that I started while in church a month ago. I started doodling the verse on an offering envelope and it was in my Bible waiting for a time for me to sit down and work out this wordy verse.
I really like a good wordy verse and this one is a powerful one.
My mistake was taking this on while I had a fever.
You should know that I am the world's worst speller. Seriously. 
Generally, I catch my errors but today I did not.
I spelled invisible i-n-v-i-s-A-b-l-e.
what a dope.
I not only did it once, but I did it again.
So last evening I am showing it to my 15 year old and he began to tease me.
How bad is it when I had the verse right there and I still spelled it wrong!
I share this embarrassing moment to tell you that I used one of the spare pages in the back and cut a bit of paper and glued it over the errors. 
I will know that my true self (world's worst speller) is visible on my Bible pages -warts and all.
I LOVE this verse. 
It is so powerful and pacts a great visual image when read aloud.
I love that!

On another note, thank you for the comments. It really helps hearing from readers. 

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