Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Proverbs 18:21

My 15 year old son shook his head no when I showed him this verse that I had done.
He seemed surprised when I showed it to him colored. As if to say, you aren't going to show that to anyone, are you?
But yes, I am.
I like it.
I realize it may be bold and a bit in-your-face, but so is the verse.
And for those of us that speak faster than we think,
or we use a lot of words all the time,
this verse is of particular importance.
Our mouths reveal what is in our hearts.
I heard that recently in a sermon and it stopped me dead in my tracks.
And if our hearts aren't rooted in Christ
our mouths will give it away.
Rooting our identity in Jesus is the only way to be secure in our identity.

I knew I had to do this verse, because it is so apart of who I am.
I wanted it to be bold as a reminder of how important it is to root my identity in Jesus. And my speech will always reveal how rooted I am.

Don't you love it when you come upon those verses that cut you to the core of who you are and what you struggle with? I know it can/will change according to our season and personality, but when I find these verses that speak to me, to who I am at my core, it is like a hug from the Creator. God knows me and wants to help me with what I struggle with the most.

What verses speak to you in that way?

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