Saturday, October 24, 2015

Genesis 46:3

Verse 10

Life threw me a curve ball or two this week. Which is why my last posts have been delayed. My husband injured himself (he is fine now, thank God!) but it required several days of doctor visits and me driving him. In other words, my time was no longer my own. In addition, my son had a film project which required filming in the evening so the "actors" were here for some time before dark. Long story short, my house has been filled with chaos. I think the enemy likes to use chaos to distract us.
I did this page a week ago. I wrote the above several days ago. Every time I have sat down to write this entry something has come up. It is funny that this lesson is about integrity. I get frustrated with myself when I set a goal and I miss it. I am not sure I can complete my remaining three entries by tomorrow evening. Which feels like a failure to me. I am reminding myself that my priorities have to be God, family, church, everything else... 
So I will post this without the lesson on the portion. I hope to get some time this weekend. We shall see. Thanks for understanding! 

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